ARTICLE: A Flickering in the Darkness
SCIENTIA – September 27, 2018

“Deep, deep underground, surrounded by kilometres of solid rock, a team of scientists led by Professor Gilles Gerbier of Queen’s University, Canada, watches for a miniscule flicker of energy. A flicker that will, they hope, betray the existence of the most elusive particle known to humankind – dark matter.”

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ARTICLE (in French): “Chasser la matière noire”
Québec Science – Marine Corniou – December, 2017

“À l’intérieur de l’un des laboratoires les plus profonds du monde, dans une mine de l’Ontario, des physiciens traquent des entités insaisissables: des particules de matière noire. Bien qu’elle représente 25% du contenu de l’univers, on en ignore encore tout. Comment attrape-t-on l’invisible?”


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ARTICLE: How scientists unlock secrets of the universe from deep underground
The Conversation – Erica Caden (Research scientist at SNOLAB, Adjunct faculty at Laurentian University – November 28, 2017

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VIDEO: Detecting dark matter particle with professor Gilles Gerbier
Queen’s University – Faculty of Engineering & Applied ScienceOctober 3, 2017

Short tour of the laboratory located in Stirling Hall building (Department of Physics, Engineering Physics, and Astronomy) at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada.