Masked researchers return to the laboratory

The bulk of NEWS-G activities have been conducted off-site and online since the onset of the pandemic in mid-March and the resultant closure of the Queen’s University laboratory. The installation of the detector at SNOLAB (originally planned for the spring of 2020) has likewise been stalled. Throughout recent months NEWS-G researchers have been diligently working on data analysis and simulations, albeit remotely.

Recently, however, up to two researchers at one time have been permitted back into the laboratory to recommence site-specific projects. Laboratory researchers must follow strict health and safety protocols as they run experiments to improve the understanding of the detector that will be installed at SNOLAB.

Postdoctoral fellows Alexis Brossard (left) and Jean-François Caron (right) wearing protective masks in the NEWS-G laboratory.
Summer student Carter Garrah working in the machine shop on an exciting project – details to come soon!

The team is also making excellent use of this time by preparing and testing new detectors for future experiments in particle accelerators.

Stay safe, stay healthy everyone.

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