5th NEWS-G collaboration meeting in Kingston, ON, Canada – November 29-30, 2018

One and a half years after the last gathering in Kingston, Queen’s University was chosen again to host the 5th edition of the NEWS-G collaboration meeting.

More than 30 collaborators from all over the world (Canada, USA, France, Greece, UK) traveled to Kingston, where the group led by Prof. Gilles Gerbier is based.

The collaboration has seen many changes in 2018, and this event gave new members the opportunity to meet the other teams and to visit the NEWS-G facilities at Queen’s university.

During the 2-day meeting, participants presented on a wide variety of topics and participated in discussions on many aspects of the project, especially the upcoming experiment at SNOLAB.

The meeting concluded with a dinner on the shores of the Cataraqui River, and everyone is looking forward to meeting again in 2019!

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