Newest members @ NEWS-G

We recently welcomed some new faces to the Queen’s University team and as new members of the collaboration, they are going to introduce themselves…

Philippe Gros

“I’m a researcher with a long experience with gaseous detectors, and in particular Time Projection Chambers. I started in Lund, Sweden, with the ALICE TPC at LHC, equipped with MultiWire Proportional Chambers (MWPC). I worked for the International Linear Collider (ILC) project in Saga, Japan, on the TPC prototype equipped with Gas Electron Multipliers (GEMs). Finally, in Palaiseau, France, I used the HARPO TPC, equipped with Micromegas, to measure the polarisation of a gamma ray beam. As a Research Scientist at NEWS-G, I will oversee the operations of the test facility at Queen’s University, as well as the installation, operation and scientific exploitation of the experiment at SNOLAB.” Philippe Gros, Research Scientist

Carolyne Neron“As the new Project Manager for NEWS-G, my main role is to provide assistance to the team in the planning, estimating and execution of the experiment at SNOLAB. I coordinate with work package leaders to provide inputs to project schedule and cost, and assist in technical specifications and documentation for the experiment. I also provide inspection and construction management services.” – Carolyne Neron, Project Manager

Marie Vidal


“I am a PHD student under the supervision of Ryan Martin and Gilles Gerbier. My thesis is about the coherent neutrino scattering. I will mostly work on simulations and designing of the experiment using the NEWS-G SPCs to look for low energy neutrinos from nuclear reactors.”  Marie Vidal, PhD candidate


Jacob Morrison

“My name is Jacob Morrison and I am working with the NEWS-G research group for the coming year as a junior research engineer.  My main focus will be streamlining the electronics and data analysis software incorporated in the group’s spherical gaseous detectors with the hopes of combining it all into one compact device and applying this device to a translucent spherical gaseous detector for outreach purposes.  I recently graduated with a Bachelors of Applied Science in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University and have already worked with the NEWS-G research group for approximately a year, both as a summer student and in conjunction with my senior thesis.”Jacob Morrison, Engineer

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