NEWS-G @ Rencontres du Vietnam & TAUP

13th Rencontres du Vietnam – Exploring the dark Universe – July 23-29, 2017 – Quy Nhon, Vietnam

The Rencontres du Vietnam on Exploring the Dark Universe will review the current status of the field of Dark Matter research. The conference will see around 100 participants congregate to discuss subjects including:

  • Direct and indirect dark matter search experiments
  • BSM physics and DM candidates
  • Astrophysics and  Cosmology
  • DM searches at the LHC
  • Future detectors

The new International Center of Interdisciplinary Science Education (ICISE) has been constructed in Quy Nhon, Central Vietnam, and inaugurated in August 2013.

Two members of the Collaboration will be attending the conference with the following presentations:

  • Gas detectors for Dark Matter Detection – Daniel Santos (LPSC, Grenoble, France)
  • NEWS-G results and project at SNOLAB – Gilles Gerbier (Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada)

Further information

TAUP 2017 – 15th International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics – July 24-28, 2017 – Sudbury, ON, Canada

The purpose of the TAUP conference is to bring together theorists and experimentalists working in Astroparticle Physics to review and discuss the status and prospects of the field. TAUP consists of invited review talks, workshop sessions devoted to specific subjects, and poster sessions.

TAUP 2017 LogoTopics covered by the conference are:

  • Cosmology and particle physics
  • Dark matter and dark energy
  • Neutrino physics and astrophysics
  • Gravitational waves
  • High-energy astrophysics and cosmic rays

Pierre Gorel, our collaborator from SNOLAB, member of the TAUP 2017 Organizing Committee, will also participle in presenting 2 sessions about Dark Matter, scheduled as follows:

  • Tuesday, 25th July : Dark Matter 4
  • Thursday, 27th July: Dark Matter 7

Further information

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